01. The hunter became frightened when he heard a [growl] coming from the bushes.
02. My dog sometimes [growls] when he sees a stranger.
03. Be careful of that dog. He's [growling], and he might bite you.
04. "Don't ever let it happen again," he [growled], and then he was gone.
05. The dogs were [growling] at each other, but I knew they wouldn't fight.
06. Look at your dog [growling] at the door. There must be something outside.
07. The [growl] of the cars' engines could be heard in the distance.
08. The tiger let out a [growl], and then attacked its trainer.
09. I'd better get something to eat; my stomach has been [growling] all afternoon.
10. The dog let out a low [growl] when I walked by.
11. Writer Alvin Toffler once described technology as the great, [growling] engine of change.
12. Scientists tell us that our stomach [growls] when the stomach walls squeeze together in an attempt to mix and digest food, and there's no food there.
13. When Betty was feeding her neighbor's dog, it suddenly began [growling] at her.
14. The two most common types of sounds that elephants make are rumbles or [growls], and trumpeting.

Grammatical examples in English. 2013.


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